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Exploring The Exciting World Of Gardening Substrates

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Why Do So Many Homes Use The Same Mottled Granite?

Spend a little time paging through rental and real estate websites, and you'll see the same granite countertops appear in almost every ad, with that dark, mottled pattern that has a tan to pink sheen but that is mostly a bunch of brown dots. Why is this one type of granite everywhere? Aren't there other varieties and colors? It's enough to make you look at other types of countertop materials, but if you were thinking that you'd still like granite, there's good news: there are specific reasons why you see that darker pattern so much, and you can find many other colors if you prefer something else.

Small Differences

First, you should note that the granite you see in those ads is still different. The overall type of mottling and general colors may be the same, but each countertop you see is itself different from others. So even within that narrower range of color and pattern, there's quite a lot of variation.

Mass Production Equals Cheaper Goods

However, that mottled, dark granite is also less expensive in general because it's so common. For builders and remodelers looking to save money as they remodel more kitchens and bathrooms, those savings is important. You end up with many places having what looks like the same granite.

This does not mean that you'll pay through the nose for different granite colors and patterns. It's mainly a consideration for those who need the material in bulk, rather than the individual homeowner paying for two rooms' worth of granite.

Cosmetic Consistency

Also at stake is visual consistency. If you're an apartment community manager who is arranging for all the kitchens in all the apartments to receive granite countertops, you're going to look for the same or similar granite. So you're seeing that darker granite only because someone wanted 200 apartments in a community to all look alike. Your home, though, can be quite different.

There's More Out There, of Course

When you look at the amount of colors and patterns available, you'll find the selection delightful. You'll see granite in many different colors, including much lighter colors with less mottling. You'll be able to choose granite that matches the rest of your home's color scheme and that makes you happy to walk into your kitchen or bathroom. When you begin to look, take your time going through samples and catalogs and really look at the variety you have access to. Granite is a good material for countertops, and you'll find a color and pattern that you like.

For more information on choosing granite slab countertops, contact a company such as Broadway Kitchens & Bath.