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Exploring The Exciting World Of Gardening Substrates

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5 Tips For Integrating Stone Veneer Accessories Into A Contemporary Design

If you have decided to decorate your home with a contemporary feel, natural elements that utilize the look of wood or stone will be an important aspect of your decoration. In many contemporary homes, stone veneer accessories are a good choice. This is because stone veneers are composites that are often lighter than actual stone, making them easier to apply to walls securely. The process of creating stone veneer accessories also allows more control over the finished shape of the accessory at a lower cost, and current technology allows stone veneers to be convincing replicas of stone found in nature. 

If you plan to use stone veneer accessories in your contemporary decor, consider these five tips to make the most of your accessories while staying true to your style. 

Use Sealant Wisely

Contemporary decor usually involves a mix of matte and shiny surfaces. Most veneer sealants give the veneer a wet, shiny appearance. With the careful application of sealant on some of your veneer accessories, you can create either a shiny or matte surface. If you already have several shiny surfaces in a room, such as a large mirror or shiny tiles on the floor or walls, then consider skipping the sealant on your veneer accessories. Alternatively, if you have a completely matte room, consider adding sealant to create visual interest in the room.  

Select Thin Veneers 

One of the benefits of veneers over natural stone is that they can be made thin more easily. Selecting thin veneers keeps the clean lines of your walls while adding a patch of visual interest. For example, stone veneer outlet covers can be nearly as thin as traditional plastic covers. While you can select thicker veneers or layered veneers as an accent texture, you should use them intentionally in a room that does not have other accents in it. 

Consider Irregular Shapes 

While one of the main components of contemporary design is strong lines, this does not mean that you have to stick to squares and rectangles. For example, if a room has a sloped ceiling, you may select a veneer accessory that has a similar slope to its top edge to emphasize the architecture of the space. As long as you avoid dainty, repetitive curves on your accessories, then your veneer accessories can stray from straight, strong lines. 

Pair With Strategically Placed Mirrors 

While stone veneers and stone veneer accessories can add visual interest to a room, you do not want to overpower a room by using too much of them. For example, you may choose to cover a single wall in stone veneers or use stone veneer outlet covers or a stone veneer mantelpiece. However, you would not want to do all three of these treatments in the same room as it can add too much visual texture to the design.

Instead, you can strategically place mirrors across from stone veneers. This replicates the textured surface of the stone veneers but creates a shinier variation on the same theme. This can make your room look cleaner, bigger, and more open.  

Don't Be Afraid to Select Large Accessories 

If your room does not have any large accent pieces yet, do not be afraid to select larger stone veneer accessories. For example, you may choose to cover a few square feet of your wall around your light switch instead of just covering the standard few inches. Contemporary rooms rely on a few strategic accent pieces to draw the attention of guests. Stone veneers make an excellent choice because while they provide visual interest they also have a natural appearance and will not overwhelm the room. 

Stone veneer accessories go well with most contemporary designs. However, you need to know how to utilize them to maximize their visual effectiveness while blending them into your overall decor. 

For more information and tips, talk with companies that supply stone veneer accessories or visit websites like